Juliana Meaham’s Testimonial

Stuck in the middle of the night 500 meter right after the Newmarket exit, it was really dark and scary…I used to call my boyfriend when I’m afraid from something…than I remember that he told me to click “EESA TOWING…” with the address I’m located on Google (in my iphone) and call to the first one that I see…20 minutes after that a very nice driver came and help me…he took me to a nice mechanic 15 minutes from the city, he also wait with me for the mechanic estimate, and the best part was the lift home.
After all this he also offered me to take me to my car the day after…for FREE.
It was so nice experience with Emergency Towing, I recommend them and I will call them again for sure.
Thanks again


Josh’s Testimonial

My car died on Saturday evening. I got EESA TOWING to tow it on Sunday. Hoping to get it running again that day I had him take it to the nearest auto center on the area. EESA TOWING… wished me luck but mentioned that the guy we passed right after he picked me up (oh yeah, did I mention that he swung by my house to pick me up?) is the best VW mechanic in the city.
So a few hours later after the mechanic guys told me they couldn’t fix my car, I called EESA TOWING…back and asked him to tow my car over to his friend’s place. Within half an hour he came back and towed my car over to my mechanic and got the owner (who happened to be there working on his personal race car) to let me in and take down the info on my car right then even though the shop was closed. And then he only charged me $30 for the second tow.
Thank you guys,



Geolian Kea’s Testimonial

A couple of days ago I had a car that needed to be towed from a mechanic’s parking lot to my home.
The first time they were called (6pm on a Tuesday) they called me back and explained that they could not tow a car off of a mechanic’s lot when they are closed for the day unless I had paperwork stating that all services were paid for (this makes complete sense to me, but our car had just been there for an estimate, and did not have any work done while it was there), so they came the next day instead.

The tow truck was there within 30 minutes of me placing a phone call and the friendly driver never even had to get out of his truck! He simply backed over to the car, picked up the front end and drove away.
We met him back at the house (he actually beat us there), where he neatly backed the car in to a parking space, released the front end and waved goodbye to us.

The easiest tow we’ve ever had!!